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                            發布企業:某汽車制造企業 年齡要求:32-45
                            職  位:Advanced Specialist HV Battery 聯系電話:
                            招聘人數:1 聯  系  人:Sam
                            地  區:吉林/湖北 英語水平:熟練
                            性  別:不限 薪資待遇:RMB30-60萬

                            Advanced Specialist HV Battery Development

                            Corporate Division R&D
                            Division, located in Shenyang/China
                            Employment – full time 


                            Responsible for the project management of HV battery pack development at BMW Brilliance Automotive in close cooperation with suppliers and project partners at BMW AG. The position holder will support the project leader and take over responsibility for additional technical project fields (e.g. change, risk or requirements management)

                            Key Responsibility

                            - Responsible for managing the relevant processes (project time scheduling, resource planning, document management, reporting) in a HV battery development project, including modification of existing processes according to the project needs

                            - Managing the project meetings (target, participants, agenda, and minutes) with internal and external project partners and tracking the assigned tasks according to the due dates

                            - Responsible for steering the overall project status for the HV battery pack development from specification of requirements, conducting tests, analysis and interpretation of the results until documentation in cooperation with the supplier and the BMW Brilliance Automotive testing team

                            - Stand in for the project leader in all project steering relevant issues

                            - Technical release management of the HV Battery Pack based on release recommendations of system supplier and BMW Brilliance Automotive /BMW CoCs together with the project leader

                            - Responsible for planning of prototype parts demands and usage, follow up of the procurement process in close cooperation with the supplier, the purchasing departments, the project management and testing departments

                            - Alignment of HV battery development schedule with power train project management team in Munich (e.g. EA-4x, Lx-5), HV battery development project team in Munich and Shenyang as well as the supplier(s) project team(s)

                            - Managing of existing and new requirements on HV battery pack level together with supplier experts and technical CoCs as well as purchasing, controlling and vehicle project team at BMW Brilliance Automotive and BMW

                            - Managing of change requests together with supplier experts and technical CoCs as well as purchasing, controlling and vehicle project team at BMW Brilliance Automotive and BMW

                            - Managing of projects risks and chances concerning schedule, component performance, quality and weight together with the project team


                            - Bachelor, Master or PhD degree in electrical / electronic engineering, electrical power engineering, mechanical engineering, software engineering, business engineering, physics or related majors

                            - Strong project management and planning skills

                            - Target oriented, self-responsible and reliable working attitude and initiative

                            - Analytic and working method, also during work under pressure

                            - Ability to prepare working results like reports and presentations in clear and precise way

                            - Ability to integrate internal and external project and process partners

                            - Very good communication skills and customer orientation

                            - Good knowledge in Microsoft office and project management relevant tools (e.g. RPLAN)

                            - Languages skills: English business fluent

                            - Languages skills: German or Chinese knowledge

                            - Functional understanding of hybrid functions, electric vehicles and HV batteries

                            - Process understanding of component development projects in the automotive industry

                            - Knowledge in measurement and CAN communication tools (INCA, CANalyzer,)

                            - Willingness to frequent travelling inside China and extended trips to Munich (4 to 12 weeks)

                            - Excitement for new energy vehicles and testing operations

                            - Working experience in project management for component development in the automotive industry, 4-6 years

                            - Working experience in the automotive development for power train or vehicle electronics, 1-3 years

                            - Working experiences with control unit, bus communication and vehicle functional structure, 1-3 years

                            - Optional working experience with high voltage systems like HV batteries and E-motors, electric energy converters and bus communication, 1-3 years

                            - International experience based on working overseas or working for a foreign company in China incl. frequent business trips out of China , 1-3 years


                            Please send your application to: tom.huang@jxchinahr.com

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